Another day in ode to and in reverence of the Amanita muscaria – Autumn 2022

Another day sharing and connecting with new people- the day focused around the knowledge about the safe, effective powerful medicine and delicious safe food (once detoxed) of the Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria.

The day spent in ode to and in reverence of sharing the knowledge around the mushroom with the worst reputation 🍄🍄🍄 and that has so much to offer us. And I am not even talking about it’s shamanic use!

We made infused oil from dried caps, we made an alcohol extract of the fresh caps- both for effective external pain relief. We talked about the cultural context of this mushroom and how is it possible that it’s reputation can be so drastically different from the reality. We discussed the toxins present and how dangerous they are/ and aren’t. How to detoxify, how to decarboxolate, how to safely avail of the many ways in which this mushroom can nourish us: physically, spiritually, and how refreshing it is to have the correct knowledge rather than the story that has been repeated for far too long.

I often get asked about this mushroom- with people hoping for a 2 minute answer from me- how to use it as food or medicine- however I usually choose not to engage in this way. A two minute answer would be irresponsible. I prefer to spend a whole day discussing all perspectives and context of this mushroom. I don’t advise on anyone using it for food or medicine without a deeper understanding. I don’t advise any beginners to eat any Amanita, ever.

However there is a lot to discuss and learn and the relief from chronic pain for many who have tried the extract externally is astounding and no less than magical.

✨✨✨✨✨here’s to debunking some of the unnecessary fears we’ve been told for too long!

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Hope to see some of you in the coming year for this or many other kinds of mushroom education and offerings!

Tomorrow this workshop takes place for the last time in 2022. It’s fully booked, but should you like to book in for 2023 the dates are live already for booking! Just added some spring dates as well as autumn dates for the coming year.

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