Fly Agaric mushroom – Amanita muscaria tincture – an incredible remedy

Fly Agaric mushroom photo by Annie Holland, Wicklow Ireland

I have been learning and teaching and talking and sharing and exclaiming about this remedy ever since I learned of it.

This mushroom as an alcohol extract has incredible properties for relieving pain – applied externally to the site of pain, particularly sciatica.

I first tried this medicinal mushroom remedy on myself after I developed a very painful bout of sciatica after a bicycle accident. As little as 3-4 drops applied externally near the pain (I applied this nearest the spine near my pain which was in my right buttock) and within minutes the pain was gone, and not just for hours, for weeks! and later for months. I no longer suffer the pain of sciatica. And yes, I am talking about only a few applications of 3-4 drops.

I have now taught and shared this old Finnish recipe with many and after the Welcome to Mushroom Hour podcast I have received many hundreds of messages from people all around the world who have shared this and many other ways in which this incredible mushroom has changed their life. Often eliminating long time pain and suffering after accidents or other types of chronic pain and often when nothing else would work!

Here is a link to purchase this remedy from my online shop. I make this remedy from wild, fresh fruiting bodies that I personally forage for from the stunning Wicklow mountains in Co Wicklow, Ireland.

Should you like to learn more in-depth information about this mushroom, medicinal mushrooms in general or how to make this yourself- you can book into my upcoming events here.

Here below is a link to purchase this mushroom tincture from my shop.
Here is a link to purchase this mushroom tincture from my shop.

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