Reflections and Gratitude after the RMC October 2022 Portland, Oregon USA

Just landing back home to Ireland after a whirlwind trip to Mulino, Oregon for the Radical Mycology Convergence hosted by Peter McCoy @radmycology and Jason Scott @feralfungi and born of much dreams and hard work of many!

It was a joy beyond words to have attended and a great honor to have been invited as a speaker!

Courtney Tyler with a reishi fruiting body

I offered two talks at the Convergence: Medicinal Mushroom preparations and all the ways I use them in my life as food and medicine- and a second talk on Mushroom ‘Coffee’ Alternatives using trees, roots and fungi. And on the Sunday morning on a Medicinal Mushroom panel with Christopher Hobbs, Robert Rogers, Jason Scott and Shane Norte.

I’ve shared the notes on my website for anyone who is interested!

It was so amazing to connect with so many myco folk such as: @radmycology @amanitadreaming @feralfungi @christopherhobbs1 Robert Rogers, @fly_agaric_press Kevin Feeney, William Rubel, and so many other cool folk with such interesting and diverse interests with fungi! So many new friends made I can’t tag you all. Please stay in touch!

Medicinal Mushroom panel with Christopher Hobbs, Robert Rogers and Courtney Tyler October 2022

Extra big thanks to @feralfungi and Kelsey and @ashley.bonn for putting me up while in Portland and to @indra.c.h.a for feeding me incredible concoctions and @swiminair for looking after me so well and felted fly agaric art @spore.dust for letting me try on the Turkey tail headpiece @erintheforest for incredible fungi ceramics @jonicampile best camping neighbour and of course to @brownbottlefarm for the kindnesses and amazing venue and tent loan and fresh ginger root and friendships! @ckylum for tea sharing @twoowlsproductions for giving me a lift and the chats and hopefully staying in touch about video footage 🤞🏼!! @brandon_feinberg for the photos shared here♥️♥️

Courtney Tyler with Turkey Tail crown made by Jade

So many more to thank: @myco.nutri for Mushroom powders to share and use during my workshops, @mushroom.marauder for very cool sticker art to share!

Thank you everyone! My heart is so full!

Neurodivergent and life calling

Who would have thought? If someone would have told me I’d be spending the majority of my time picking mushrooms, looking for mushrooms, talking about mushrooms, eating mushrooms, teaching about mushrooms, reading about mushrooms, posting about mushrooms, making medicine from mushrooms, taking photos of mushrooms, smuggling giant puffballs in my jacket like a pregnant woman on a Ryanair flight last night, dressing up like a mushroom, going to Portland next month with @radmycology going to the jungle to hunt for zombie fungus, making my living from my true passions and feeling more connected to myself and the world than ever before, etc etc I’d have thought you were definitely mad!

But it turns out that I am most CERTAINLY mad! And in the most spectacular and beautiful life affirming way! 🍄

Thanks @theculturedclub for sending me this. And thanks to all who indulge me in my many madnesses. And to those who have the patience to hold my hand for the more challenging ways in which my madnesses present themselves. You know who you are! ♥️ I love you! 🐢

And on a separate but very same note- I was recently diagnosed as Neurodivergent (ASD spectrum) and ADHD. And I am sharing that with you for a couple of reasons.

  1. It was extremely reassuring to have the diagnosis and I never imagined it could be.
  2. Women in particular are often undiagnosed and even more so, as adults
  3. It’s a part of me that makes me different and excel in some things I do but also I realise now more than ever, has had a price tag throughout my life that has been an extra heavy weight on my shoulders, for me and for those close to me.
  4. Medication- pharmaceuticals which I would almost never have considered in all of my 44 years (unless absolutely necessary) have changed my life, my mental health, my emotional stability and my wellbeing more than I ever could have dreamed and I think it’s important to break down barriers of judgement and fear about this.

♥️♥️♥️Thank you for reading this! It’s shared from an open and honest heart and I hope you can see the value in this ❤️❤️❤️

Courtney and a giant puffball she smuggled onto a flight

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Say why you do what you do

I found this exercise in an old notebook. I did an excellent business course though the LEO (Local Enterprise Board) last year.

The exercise was this: “write your elevator pitch in 25 words or less, and say it in terms of what the other person receives from your offering or product or service.”

This is what I wrote:

“I am passionate sharing how nature nourishes, connects and grounds me. To offer an experience that ignites others’ curiosity for the wild with food and medicine.”

26 words:) I did alright I think! This is a true reflection of what is alive inside me and what makes me purr with contentment and follows my passions and skills.

Very honoured to participate this this years RADICAL MYCOLOGY CONVERGENCE in Portland, Oregon, USA October 2023

Radical Mycology Convergence Oct 2023 Courtney Tyler – view my bio here:

I am excited to announce I will be presenting this October at the Radical Mycology Convergence (@radmycology).

I will be offering 2 workshops: Medicinal Mushroom Extracts and Mushroom Coffee.

I’m also extremely honoured to be on the Medicinal Mushroom Panel and at this event with teachers I so respect and have learned so much from such as @radmycology Peter McCoy, @christopherhobbs1 , Robert Rogers, Kevin Feeney, William Rubel, @amanitadreaming and so many others!

You can learn more about this special event at


You can view the full schedule of workshops here:

Thank you Peter for this opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn’t dream up a better mushroom festival offering than this! I am very honoured to take part! And excitedly checking the schedule for all of the workshops that I also hope to attend!

Courtney’s Mushroom Talk at Beyond the Pale Music Festival June 2022

Was delighted to be invited to the Wicklow music festival Beyond The Pale and to talk on stage with Ali Dunworth about, what else, mushrooms (!) and all of the ways that they are magical. And why they should be on your plate!

Courtney Tyler of Hips and Haws Wildcrafts and Ali Dunworth

It was so enjoyable and what an incredible festival. The music line up was incredible.

Courtney showing tasters to share, pickled mushrooms and mushroom chocolates

I brought some interesting mushroom tasters to share. Some balsamic pickled shiitake mushrooms, dandelion buds and wild garlic. Also made some Lion’s Mane and peanut butter dark chocolates.

Dei, Dearbhla, Courtney and Grainne

Best of all I got to bring Sadhbh the bus and my dearest girlfriends!

A visit to an Andean Ayacha (curandero / shaman) in the Andes Mountains Ecuador March 2020

This was one of the most memorable days of my life. I would like to share this story with you. The only photo I have of the day is the one below.

I will try to challenge myself to make a video telling this story. So far I have only shared it with close friends and I tell some of the story here: in my interview with Sophie and the Soulfinders.

In the meantime I will leave this post here to remind myself to challenge myself to write this experience out for the world. If you actually read this, give me a nudge to finish it:)