Nature Altar at Body and Soul Music Festival

I was invited to create and display a nature altar at this years Body and Soul festival.

It was an honour and a pleasure and I would like to do more of such things.

Michael and I created a simple display that was held in the John Hopkins geodesic dome in the Sanctuary. There were many offerings in there over the weekend, including yoga and some meditative sessions with psychedelic music, so the altar we created was perfect for the space.

We joined some hazel rods to make a tripod and attached a cut willow stand to the top of it. We affixed a collection of peacock feathers and dried poppy heads to the ends of the willow, so it reached high up into the skies, about 12 feet high.

We had a collection of my animal skulls, and found dried fungus, feathers, antlers, leaves, flowers, shells and pinecones to adorn the altar.

With the dome background (and the yoga mats in situ) it was difficult to get a clear shot of the piece, but you get the idea, and I’ve shared some of the components here as I enjoyed both the colour and textures of these natural items.

Please contact me if you would like to commission me to create something like this for your space or event.

Thank you to Avril, Jessie and Nicola for giving me this opportunity!