Who is MayFly? Courtney Tyler’s previous life as a jewellery maker, market-trader and shopkeeper

Some people think that my name is May, those who have never met me may know me on Facebook as May Fly but really this name only came about as it was the name of my very creative love-child- a shop in Temple Bar, Dublin.

I made quirky, eccentric jewellery, steampunk jewellery, silver and gemstone jewellery, cufflinks and upcycled art and collaborated with other artists and craftworkers.

Even more fun, I travelled around the world for supplies, stones, and creative pieces from other designers. I regularly went to Indonesia and Thailand and I look back at these days with a nostalgia and a longing that plays out in many dreams at night, to return.

As I am going through a lot of old files and photos I thought I would share some bits of what May Fly once was- as it all feels very far away now and a life that once was. My new life journey and path is immensely fulfilling, however- a part of me is constantly feeling the itch to return to making- and to find myself a workshop studio. I still have a whole library bus workshop in Wicklow filled with supplies and materials and treasures to return to create such things from time to time. It won’t be anytime too soon yet, but who knows, one day maybe!