Radical Mycology Convergence October 2022 Oregon

Have been asked if I would like to apply to offer any workshops at the Radical Mycology Convergence in Oregon from 6-9 October 2022.

I am filling out my proposal now as we speak. Very honoured to be invited and eeeek, feeling thrilled at the prospect of attending such an event!

Radical Mycology @radmycology and the work of Peter McCoy is one of the most inspiring and comprehensive books I have come across.

More information at the event website here: https://radicalmycologyconvergence.com

Courtney’s Mushroom Talk at Beyond the Pale Music Festival June 2022

Was delighted to be invited to the Wicklow music festival Beyond The Pale and to talk on stage with Ali Dunworth about, what else, mushrooms (!) and all of the ways that they are magical. And why they should be on your plate!

Courtney Tyler of Hips and Haws Wildcrafts and Ali Dunworth

It was so enjoyable and what an incredible festival. The music line up was incredible.

Courtney showing tasters to share, pickled mushrooms and mushroom chocolates

I brought some interesting mushroom tasters to share. Some balsamic pickled shiitake mushrooms, dandelion buds and wild garlic. Also made some Lion’s Mane and peanut butter dark chocolates.

Dei, Dearbhla, Courtney and Grainne

Best of all I got to bring Sadhbh the bus and my dearest girlfriends!

RTÉ Radio Countrywide Suzanne Campbell Fungi Foraging Courtney Tyler

I met up with Suzanne Campbell for a forage and chat around Devil’s Glen and we spoke about mushroom foraging in Ireland.

Have a listen here:


It’s harvest time on farms in many parts of the country & it is also harvest time for wild foods & a growing interest in them. Foraging for blackberries, elderberries and sloes is already happening along country lanes and this week Suzanne Campbell met up with a mushroom forager to learn more about picking wild mushrooms.

Eatweeds Podcast with Robin Harford, myself and Fergus Drennan about the Fantastical Fly Agaric as Food and Medicine

Was very honoured to take part in this conversation. Sorry that I had serious trouble with my sound quality which I lament really detracts from the listening experience. Here we discuss Fergus Drennan and my famed Fly Agaric event, we talk about the food and medicine of the Fly Agaric mushroom and in particular many people contact me about having listened to the segment where we discuss using the alcoholic extract as an external remedy for pain relief and in particular against sciatica pain.

Welcome to Mushroom Hour podcast with Courtney Tyler

“Hello, Welcome to Mushroom Hour”

A podcast in: Peace, positivity and the pursuit of Fungal Abundance.

If you don’t know of this podcast already, and especially Darren’s endearing intro- do yourself a favour and check it out!

Darren and his magnificent man-bun- how could you not love him?

I was honoured and totally freaked out to be invited onto the Welcome To Mushroom Hour Podcast. I’m so pleased I did it, as so many of you from all around the world have reached out to me. It’s wonderful hearing your stories and feedback. I am blown away to have so many of you connecting with me each day- and all of the interesting experiences and thoughts you’ve shared with me.

Take a listen here:


I was gathering my thoughts on the morning of the interview and scribbled up this mind map to consider some of the things that Darren suggested he might like to discuss with me.

My mind map before the Welcome to Mushroom Hour Podcast

Highly recommend that you check out his other episodes- he has interviewed some colleagues and absolute heroes of mine:


Monica Wilde and her year of only wild foods (and more): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-104-wild-food-year-mushrooms-herbalism-plant-wisdom-the-inner-universe-feat-monica-wilde

Christopher Hobbs: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-94-medicinal-mushrooms-boost-immunity-improve-memory-fight-cancer-stop-infection-expand-your-consciousness-feat-dr-christopher-hobbs

Amanita Dreamer: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-88-amanita-dreamer-piercing-the-veil-on-entheogenic-uses-of-amanita-muscaria-feat-amanita-dreamer

Robin Harford of Eat Weeds: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-83-eat-weeds-wild-plant-contemplations-healing-with-foraging-perspectives-in-ethnobotany-feat-robin-harford

Suzanne Simard Author of Finding the Mother Tree: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-80-finding-the-mother-tree-discovering-the-wisdom-of-the-forest-feat-prof-suzanne-simard

Tradd Cotter: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-69-mushroom-mountain-change-the-world-with-fungi-think-like-a-mushroom-feat-tradd-cotter

Ep. 61: Fly Agaric – A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology, & Exploration (feat. Kevin Feeney PhD): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-61-fly-agaric-a-compendium-of-history-pharmacology-mythology-exploration-feat-kevin-feeney-phd

Ep. 50: Return to Nature – Herbalism, Rewilding & Overgrowing the System (feat. Dan De Lion): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-50-return-to-nature-herbalism-rewilding-overgrowing-the-system-feat-dan-de-lion

Ep. 44: Medicinal Mushrooms – The Human Clinical Trials (feat. Robert Rogers): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-44-medicinal-mushrooms-the-human-clinical-trials-feat-robert-rogers

Ep. 42: Red Glasses – England’s Godfather of Mushrooms and Worldwide Forager (feat. Roger Phillips): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-42-red-glasses-englands-godfather-of-mushrooms-and-worldwide-forager-feat-roger-phillips

Ep. 26: Entangled Life – How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures (feat. Merlin Sheldrake): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-26-entangled-life-how-fungi-make-our-worlds-change-our-minds-shape-our-futures-feat-merlin-sheldrake

One of my favourite artists and do yourself a favour and follow her magical posts on Instagram: Ep. 25: Sweden’s Legends, Myths, Magicks and Mushrooms (feat. Saga Mariah Sandberg): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-25-swedens-legends-myths-magicks-and-mushrooms-feat-saga-mariah-sandberg

Ep. 16: Scotland’s Wild Food Stories – Pioneering Research on the Culture of Foraging (feat. Leanne Townsend): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-16-scotlands-wild-food-stories-pioneering-research-on-the-culture-of-foraging-feat-leanne-townsend

Ep. 5: Wild Food Foraging & English Folklore with a Freudian Twist (feat. Fern Freud): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-5-wild-food-foraging-english-folklore-with-a-freudian-twist-feat-fern-freud

Ep. 41: Edulis Wild Foods – Foraging Mushrooms and Restoring Vital Connection in the UK Isles (feat. Lisa Cutcliffe): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-41-edulis-wild-foods-foraging-mushrooms-and-restoring-vital-connection-in-the-uk-isles-feat-lisa-cutcliffe