Neurodivergent and life calling

Who would have thought? If someone would have told me I’d be spending the majority of my time picking mushrooms, looking for mushrooms, talking about mushrooms, eating mushrooms, teaching about mushrooms, reading about mushrooms, posting about mushrooms, making medicine from mushrooms, taking photos of mushrooms, smuggling giant puffballs in my jacket like a pregnant woman on a Ryanair flight last night, dressing up like a mushroom, going to Portland next month with @radmycology going to the jungle to hunt for zombie fungus, making my living from my true passions and feeling more connected to myself and the world than ever before, etc etc I’d have thought you were definitely mad!

But it turns out that I am most CERTAINLY mad! And in the most spectacular and beautiful life affirming way! 🍄

Thanks @theculturedclub for sending me this. And thanks to all who indulge me in my many madnesses. And to those who have the patience to hold my hand for the more challenging ways in which my madnesses present themselves. You know who you are! ♥️ I love you! 🐢

And on a separate but very same note- I was recently diagnosed as Neurodivergent (ASD spectrum) and ADHD. And I am sharing that with you for a couple of reasons.

  1. It was extremely reassuring to have the diagnosis and I never imagined it could be.
  2. Women in particular are often undiagnosed and even more so, as adults
  3. It’s a part of me that makes me different and excel in some things I do but also I realise now more than ever, has had a price tag throughout my life that has been an extra heavy weight on my shoulders, for me and for those close to me.
  4. Medication- pharmaceuticals which I would almost never have considered in all of my 44 years (unless absolutely necessary) have changed my life, my mental health, my emotional stability and my wellbeing more than I ever could have dreamed and I think it’s important to break down barriers of judgement and fear about this.

♥️♥️♥️Thank you for reading this! It’s shared from an open and honest heart and I hope you can see the value in this ❤️❤️❤️

Courtney and a giant puffball she smuggled onto a flight

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